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dCode is free and its tools are a valuable help in games, maths, geocaching, puzzles and problems to solve every day!
A suggestion ? a feedback ? a bug ? an idea ? Write to dCode!

Please, check our dCode Discord community for help requests!
NB: for encrypted messages, test our automatic cipher identifier!

Feedback and suggestions are welcome so that dCode offers the best '' tool for free! Thank you! is a collection of over 900 tools to help solve games, riddles, ciphers, mathematics, puzzles, etc.

Word Game Solvers

Scrabble dCode offers tools to search/find words, for all word games and be sure to win, as with the Scrabble solver or Wordle. Ideal for finishing crosswords, cheating at longest word finder, or having fun with the anagram generator! For more criteria, check the generic word search, or list of words beginning with some letters (or ending with others) or, more effectively, advanced words search by regular expression.

Crosswords dCode provides tools to search for words in many dictionaries, guaranteeing help (cheat?) in all word games. See letters games tools!

Cryptography and Ciphers

Caesar dCode, as the name implies, automatically decodes a large variety of encryptions. With its cipher identifier (that recognizes automatically more than 200 ciphers), Caesar cipher, Vigenere cipher, Polybius square, and dozens of other encryptions are quickly decrypted.

dCode offers a huge library of scripts for decoding or encoding messages with standard cryptography techniques. Check all crypto tools!

Codes and Alphabets

Substitution dCode can speak hundreds of languages and lots of codes like Morse code, the A=1,Z=26 code, but also 1337 (Leet Speak) or the Braille alphabet. It can also generate barcodes or QR-Code. Ideal for treasure hunts or geocaches.

dCode can decode or encode messages with various symbols to replace our usual latin alphabet. See all codes' tools!

Calculators and Mathematics

Maths dCode make homeworks! Need an equation solver, make boolean calculations, compute prime numbers decomposition or need a cryptarithm solver? On dCode, it's automatic. The tools are made to be simple ranging from the GCD to the base-N converter through the combinations (k among n) generator, the probabilities, or the calculation of irreducible fractions. There are even practical tools like the number in letters converter.

dCode, its tools, its codes would be nothing without mathematics and its number theories and especially arithmetic. Check all math tools!

Computer Science and Algorithms

Binary dCode manages algorithms and informatics standards like ASCII, the Base 64, the MD5 password encryption or the Unicode standard. Everything is based on the binary and its derivatives: BCD or the Gray code. And for the exports, take a look at the Brainfuck (and variants)!

dCode and its scripts are based on programming, its techniques, methods, and so there are a lot of tools for geeks. See more IT tools!

Puzzle Game Solvers

Sudoku dCode knows to play and win, make a random selection, find solutions for the countdown number game, win a Mastermind game, same for the Sudoku solver. More complex puzzle games are available such as the Magic Square or the Wordoku puzzle.

dCode loves games, from small puzzle games to world-famous board games, anything that is not based on chance can be modeled and solved by dCode. See more games tools!

Miscellaneous Tools and Data

RGB dCode it's also tons of tools for processing data like finding a difference between two texts, or generate random selections. dCode also handles image processing like RGB channel separation or word processing with the search by regular expressions. dCode also manages databases like the ISBN search, the French departments , tools for finding the IP address of a website etc. Finally there are useless but essential tools, like the upside down writing or the reverse writing.

dCode also has its unclassifiable pages, but very useful tools to complete the list of essential tools. Go to all misc tools!

Answers to Questions (FAQ)

How to search for a tool on dCode?

A search bar is available on every page. For an efficient search, type one or two keywords.

Example: caesar for the caesar cipher (and variants), count for the countdown number game solver

Where is the list of all dCode tools?

The All Tools page lists all dCode pages. The tools are regularly updated, according to the users' requests (you).

A link to the All Tools page is available on all pages of the site.

How to decrypt a message automatically?

dCode has an artificial intelligence to detect what type of encryption/cipher has been used to code a message: test our cipher recognizer.

Source code

dCode retains ownership of the "" source code. Except explicit open source licence (indicated Creative Commons / free), the "" algorithm, the applet or snippet (converter, solver, encryption / decryption, encoding / decoding, ciphering / deciphering, breaker, translator), or the "" functions (calculate, convert, solve, decrypt / encrypt, decipher / cipher, decode / encode, translate) written in any informatic language (Python, Java, PHP, C#, Javascript, Matlab, etc.) and all data download, script, or API access for "" are not public, same for offline use on PC, mobile, tablet, iPhone or Android app!
Reminder : dCode is free to use.

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Please, check our dCode Discord community for help requests!
NB: for encrypted messages, test our automatic cipher identifier!

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Feedback and suggestions are welcome so that dCode offers the best '' tool for free! Thank you!
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