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Cryptarithm Solver

Tool/solver to resolve cryptarithms, a numeric puzzle which consists in a mathematical calculation in which letters have been replaced by digits to find.


Cryptarithm Solver -

Tag(s) : Number Games, Arithmetics

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Cryptarithm Solver

Cryptarithm/Alphametic Solver

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Answers to Questions (FAQ)

What is a cryptarithm? (Definition)

A cryptarithm (or alphametic, or cryptarithmetics) a mathematical game representing an arithmetic equation (with an equals sign =) in which one or more numbers are replaced by a substitution of letters or symbols. The objective of the game is to find which numbers correspond to which letter so that the equation is correct.

AB + BC + CA = ABC
XX + YY + ZZ = XYZ

How to solve cryptarithms?

Cryptarithm solving involves deduction and use of calculation tricks.

Method 1 (automatic): use the above solver, it tries all possible digits for all letters (brute-force method).

Method 2 (manual): deduction, logic and principles of mathematical calculations according to a few rules:

— Each letter can be associated to only one digit (appropriate numeral from 0 to 9). and reciprocally each digit can be associated to only one letter

If your calculation do not follow this rule, then use the missing numbers solver.

— Numbers usually do not start with a zero 0

The resolution then goes through the search for particular cases:

— addition/subtraction with 0 or 9

Example: ??A+??A=??A then A is 0

Example: ?A?+?A?=?A? then A is 0 or 9, same for ?A?+?B?=?B? or ??A+??B=??B

— first digits and last digits

Example: ???+???=A??? then A is 1 because it is impossible that the sum of 2 numbers less than 1000 is superior to 1999.

multiplications by 0, 1 or 5 and squaring

Example: A*A=?B then A is not 0, 1 or 5

multiplications of numbers with n and m digits that create numbers with n + m digits

divisions by 1 ou 5

Do not hesitate to make attempts when there are few possibilities

How does the cryptarithm solver work?

The cryptarithm solver handles classic mathematical operators like addition + (plus), subtraction - (minus), multiplication * (times) and division /.

The solver takes as unknowns between 1 and 10 distinct letters A-Z (which will represent the numbers 0 to 9).

Example: DCODE+CODING=SOLVED => 92095+209764=301859.

The solver also handles the logical conditions && for AND, || for OR and the upper and lower operators > and <. Additional criteria/conditions can be written with &&.

Example: To solve ABC+BCD=DEF knowing that B is less than C and F has the value 6. Write: ABC + BCD = DEF && B < C && F = 6 which resolves to 537+379 = 916

The cryptarithm solver uses a brute-force method: it tries all combinations of numbers and displays the possible ones. He does not provide a detailed explanation of his reasoning.

Some cryptarithms arrive in the form:

Please rewrite it in 2 parts AB*C=DE+FG && DE+FG=HI for the solver

Can a cryptarithm have several solutions?

Yes, some cryptarithms can have multiple valid solutions, but many are designed to have only one.


It is the most known example of cryptarithm, published in 1924 in Strand Magazine, by Henry Dudeney: SEND+MORE=MONEY. Solution is O=0, M=1, Y=2, E=5, N=6, D=7, R=8, and S=9.

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