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Number in Letters

Tool to write a number in letters, it allows to check the amount or the value written, it is a common writing in contracts or checks.


Number in Letters -

Tag(s) : Numeral System

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Number in Letters

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Answers to Questions (FAQ)

What is the writing of a number in letters? (Definition)

The numbers with a decimal writing based on the digits 0 to 9 also have a writing in whole letters. Longer and less practical, it is however used in a literary way or on certain administrative or legal writings.

How to write a number in whole letters?

To write a digit or a number in letters in English, numbers have to be written following some easy rules (with few exceptions, see below).

Example: 123 is written one hundred (and) twenty-three (the word and can be omitted)

dCode's converter applies million, billion, trillion, etc. for big numbers names up to 10^63.

Words hundred, thousand, etc. are indeclinable (no plural form). There is an uninflected plural of numerals based on old English and today they did not change form.

Example: 1000 : one thousand
2000 : two thousand (no final s)

Example: 3000000 : three millions
4003002001 : four billion three million two thousand (and) one

When to write a number in whole letters?

By convention, numbers in literary or legal texts are represented in letters, while numbers in scientific texts are generally written in numbers.

It is mandatory to write/transcribe the numbers in letters on the checks.

How to convert a number from letters into a number with digits?

dCode offers a reverse conversion tool to write numbers in digits.

How to write digits in letters?

Digits from 0 to 9 are written:


How to write numbers in letters? (most common)

Numbers from 10 to 20 are written:

100one hundred
1000one thousand
1000000one million
1000000000one billion

What are the rules for hyphens?

Hyphens are used for composed numbers inferior to 100.

Example: 21 : twenty-one
22 : twenty-two
88 : eighty-eight
200 : two hundred

The use of hyphens can be tolerated with other numbers (ie. superior to 100). It has the advantages to delimitate the number in a sentence.

Example: One hundred and one half for 100 + 1/2

Example: One-hundred-and-one half for 101 * 1/2

What are the long scale and the short scale?

The long scale and the short scale are the name given to 2 number notations (incompatible with each other). For the long scale a billion is worth a million million and the ending alternates between -ion and -iard (as used in French), while for the short scale a billion is worth a thousand million and the ending is always - ion (as used in English).

It is recommended to use scientific notation for large numbers, or even use the International System of Units prefixes for powers of 10.

What is the difference between a digit and a number?

There are 10 digits: 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 that allows writing all the numbers. Numbers are composed from 1 to n digits.

Example: In the number 248, there are three digits that are 2, 4 and 8.

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