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Scrabble Solver

Tool/Solver to find best words at Scrabble. Scrabble is a board letter game whose purpose is to realize points by placing words, using random draws of letters, on a square grid on which some cells have bonuses.


Scrabble Solver -

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Scrabble Solver

Find Scrabble best word

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New dictionaries: CSW19 & NWL18 !

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Tool/Solver to find best words at Scrabble. Scrabble is a board letter game whose purpose is to realize points by placing words, using random draws of letters, on a square grid on which some cells have bonuses.

Answers to Questions

How to use the Scrabble solver?

The solver uses the player's 7 letters in order to find the best possible solution word. A blank letter (joker) can be noted with ?, -, ., _ or *.

Example: Example of 7 leters draw : RDOCEDU, BBRSACL, CIBLMA? (with ? joker) or CIBLMA* (with ? joker)

Solver handles usable letters on the board (optional), either separately or like a pattern of multiple letters (e.g. to extend a word).

Use one of these letters mode

Example: On the board, letters A, R, G and D are easily playable. Enter ARGD as possible letters.

Example: On the board a lot of letters are available, use the method any letter to try all the letters of the alphabet, will remain to choose the one that suits the best.

Use a pattern mode for a given sequence of letter

Example: Enter E--E if the board allow to play a word with a letter E, followed by another letter E, 3 tiles away.

Example: Enter ST if the letters S and T must be in the word consecutively.

This solver can be used to cheat at Scrabble, bu should be used for helping, cheating is not fair-play, online players should not to cheat.

How to know if a word is valid at Scrabble?

Enter a word in the dictionary input to check if it exists or not in official word lists.

In the USA, NWL is the official word lists, outside the US, CSW is widely used.

Checking if a word exists in the dictionary before playing a word can be considered as cheating. To avoid cheating, it is necessary that the verification is done after playing of a word.

Some games and Scrabble application or software are not yet up to date and use older lists of words, so sometimes valid words rejected.

Official books are available here (link) or here (link) and electronic version is here (link)

How to get a word definition?

Click on a word in order to get its definition (a tooltip will appear).

How are selected valid dictionary words?

Dictionaries are managed by their editors, only them choose which word is valid or not.

Collins Scrabble Words (formerly SOWPODS) is used for English tournament (except in the USA which uses Official Tournament and Club Word List)

What is a blocker word? (symbol |)

A blocker is a word which cannot be extended by other letters. Blockers (non-extendable words by the right or by the left) are indicated with a vertical bar |.

Using non-extendable words ensures that the opponent will not easily score points by repeating this word and adding one or more letters.

Blocker words are only available for the CSW dictionary

How to sort the word list?

Words can be sorted by points, by length, or even by alphabetic order. Click on a column header to invert order (ascending, descending).

How to count points at Scrabble?

The number of points depends on the letters but also of the position of the word on the board. Letters of the English version have the following values:


If a player plays its 7 letters (anagram), then he gets a 50 points bonus.

In the solver, the number of points ignores the letters already on the board and eventual bonus marks (such as double or triple words).

What are the words having the maximum points?

The words METHOXYBENZENES and OXYPHENBUTAZONE (41 pts), METHOXYBENZENE (40 pts), PHOTOXYLOGRAPHY (39 pts) or CHROMOXYLOGRAPH, HYDROXYZINES, PSYCHOANALYZING, SCHIZOPHYCEOUS, SUBJECTIVIZING, XYLOTYPOGRAPHIC, ZYGOPHYLLACEOUS are the theoretically highest score achievable, building on 7 other words already on the grid (and possible jokers).

What is the letter distribution at Scrabble?

To know how many A, E or Z is there at Scrabble, there is the table of appearance of each letter at Scrabble. 100 tiles (2 blanks) in the English version:


What are the Game Rules at Scrabble?

What is the value of the Joker at the end of a game?

Addition of the value of the remaining letters of the opponent is calculated (a joker is 0). The result is then subtracted of the opponent score and added to the player score.

Is it possible to use 2 jokers in one word at Scrabble?

Yes, it is possible to use two jokers in a single word at Scrabble, indeed, the solver can handle this exceptional case of 2 blank tiles.

Does a joker on a special square cancels its effect?

No, for a triple-word or double-word square, the value of the word is double or tripled. For a double-letter or a triple-letter square, then as a joker equals zero, this has no bonus.

Can I choice an already played rare letter as wildcard tile (like Z)?

Yes, the joker can take any value, including a letter that has not been played yet or a letter already played.

Is it possible to replace a blank by its letter during a game?

No, any square is played definitively. If a joker is used on the table for a given word, no one can removed it and replace it by the corresponding letter. This is cheating.

Can I start a word with a blank?

Yes, the joker tile can replace any letter, and can be used anywhere in the word.

A red square (triple word) can be used twice?

No, a triple-word square can only be used once, but it can multiply 2 words in the same time if two words are simultaneously played or completed on a red cell. In this case, the values of the 2 words are multiplied by 3.

What to do if there are no possible moves?

If, at the end of a game, it remains some letters impossible to play, players have to pass 6 times (3 times each) for the game to end. They have to subtract from their score, the value of their remaining letters.

Which player starts the game?

For a first match, each player randomly select a letter (the toss), the player who gets the smallest letter (the closer to A) in alphabetical order (joker does not count), will be able to draw its 7 letters and start the game.
For a rematch, it is the player who had lost the toss which draws its letters first and starts playing.
For a third match, another random selection is made (but some rules states that the player that has lost the previous game starts).

Can I write a word upside down or read it from bottom?

No, words should be written from left to right or from top to bottom only.

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