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Morbit Cipher

Tool for decoding / encoding with the Morbit number. The Morbit cipher is a variant of the Morse Fractioned code using a key that generates a numeric encryption alphabet.


Morbit Cipher -

Tag(s) : Polygrammic Cipher

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Morbit Cipher

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Answers to Questions (FAQ)

What is the Morbit cipher? (Definition)

Morbit encryption is an over-encryption of Morse code, adding polygramic substitution by fractionation.

How to encrypt using Morbit cipher?

Morbit encryption uses a numeric index (from 1 to 9) associated with pairs of morse characters indexed like this:


The key is used to mix the index according to the alphabetical order of its letters.

Example: The keyword MORSECODE is associated with the code 568931724 by sorting the letters alphabetically CDEEMOORS and matching them to 1234567879 as:


The first step of encryption is to encode the original message in Morse code, the characters are separated by a slash / and the words are separated by double slash //.

Example: The message MORE BITS is encoded in Morse --/---/.-././/-.../../-/...

The second part of the encryption consists in splitting the Morse message into couples of 2 characters and to associate the corresponding digit in the numeric index made with the key.



The encrypted message is therefore 32379749578158.

How to decrypt using Morbit cipher?

Morbit decryption requires knowing the key in order to generate the numerical index associated with morse character pairs.

Example: The key ALPHABETS gives the following index:


The first step in decryption is to replace each digit with its morse bigram equivalent.

Example: The message 1914592729 corresponds to the morse code --/---/.-./-.../../- :


The morse code obtained only needs to be translated via the classic Morse code to get the plain message.

Example: -- / --- / .-. / -... / .. / - translates to MORBIT

How to recognize a Morbit ciphertext?

A Morbit encrypted message uses only digits from 1 (one) to 9 (nine).

The Morbit message is between 50% and 100% longer (approximately) than the original message.

The presence of a 9-letter word that can serve as a key is an important clue.

The adjective morbid is a paronym that can be a clue.

How to decipher Morbit without key?

The key is an important element because it allows $ 9! = 362880 $ combinations of the numerical index.

A way to reduce this number of combinations is to know a part of the plain text in order to deduce the numerical index and the correspondence with the morse bigrams.

Also, several assumptions about the message can reduce the possibilities of the key:

— the appearance of 3 consecutive // 'is unlikely

— any sequence of more than 4 consecutive identical digits is unlikely

— any word of more than 50 Morse characters (without / spacer) is unlikely

The corresponding combinations can be reasonably eliminated.

What are the variants of the Morbit cipher?

Morbit is closer to the Fractionated Morse Code which is a kind of over-encryption.

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