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Word Hunt (Game Pigeon) Solver

Tool / Solver to cheat to Word Hunt. Word Hunt by Game Pigeon is a game for iOS via Apple's iMessage whose game goal is similar to Boggle in the face of an opponent.

Word Hunt Solver

Answers to Questions

How to use the Word Hunt Solver?

Word Hunt (on iMessage) uses grids generally 4x4, the size is editable.

Enter each of the letters of the game in the boxes respecting the layout.



Choose the dictionary / language used.

Click on Find the words

All solution words that can be entered in the Word Hunt grid will be displayed.

If there are black or empty boxes (not usable), leave the box empty to indicate them.

If there are wildcards (which can replace any letter), indicate it with the characters * or ?

The solver allows cheats to Word Hunt (Game Pigeon), do not abuse it to respect the online players.

How to Cheat at Word Hunt?

Use this solver or other Boggle solvers on dCode.

Source code

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Questions / Comments

Team dCode likes feedback and relevant comments; to get an answer give an email (not published). It is thanks to you that dCode has the best Word Hunt (Game Pigeon) Solver tool. Thank you.

Source : https://www.dcode.fr/word-hunt-game-pigeon-solver