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Boggle Solver 4x4

Tool/Solver to find the best words at Boggle 4x4, enter the letters and automatically list all possible words.


Boggle Solver 4x4 -

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Boggle Solver 4x4

Boggle Solver

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Parameters and Variants

Boggle Grid Generator

See also: Random Letter

Answers to Questions (FAQ)

What is the Boggle game? (Definition)

Boggle is a letter game with a square board of 16 random letters. The goal of the game is to find words that can be formed from adjacent letters on the board.

How to use the Boggle Solver?

Enter the letters in the cells (write the letters at once in the first cell, they will be replaced automatically in the grid).



All words solution existing in the chosen dictionary and that can be entered in the grid respecting the Boggle rules will be displayed.

dCode can handle common format of Boggle 4x4, Boggle 5x5 etc. but also custom size Boggle NxN (even distinct height and width).

A joker (special dice meaning any letter) can be written with the characters * or ?

Blank cells (empty, impossible to use) are also accepted by leaving the cell empty.

Also cells can have more than one letter (such as TH or QU) and will be considered as inseparable.

The solver allows cheating to Boggle type games, thank you for respecting the players for online games.

What are the variants of Boggle?

Boogle has multiple variants:

— different board size, see the custom size Boggle NxN solver.

— using letters that touch diagonally (by default)

— use of joker cells (which may be any letter)

— use of black boxes or empty boxes (not playable)

— use of boxes containing several letters (to be considered as a block of letters or a choice among the letters)

— use the same box several times

— permission to join the edges (the edge to the left then touches the edge to the right)

— dictionary check (no cheats)


There are online versions, paper versions (BrainBusters), electronic versions...

How to count Boggle score?

In its original version, the official rule give these points:

3 letters = 1 point

4 letters = 1 point

5 letters = 2 points

6 letters = 3 points

7 letters = 5 points

8 letters or more = 11 points

How to use Q = QU?

Depending on the version of Boggle and the game language used, sometimes it is assumed that the letter Q is substituted for QU. Indeed, Q is often followed by a U.


On dCode, by default, Q is not followed by a U, but it is possible to indicate the 2 letters QU in a cell.

What is the letters configuration on dice?

The 4x4 English Boggle game has 16 dices:


How many words can be writtent on a Boggle grid?

The maximum number of words that can be written on a square Boggle grid of size N is described mathematically as the number of paths on a graph, see here

Assuming that all the letters are distinct and the presence of all the words in the dictionary, then on a 2x2 grid, there are 64 paths (4 words of 1 letters, 12 words of 2 letters, 24 words of 3 letters and 24 4-letter words), on a 3x3 grid there are 10305 words, on a 4x4 grid there are 12029640 words (12 millions) and on a 5x5 grid there are 115066382913 (115 billions).

Should I write Boggle or Boogle?

The game is called Boggle, the writing Boogle is wrong, probably a confusion with the writing of Google, having a similar pronunciation.

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