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Math Expression Simplifier

Tool/Simplifier of math expressions. Simplification is a mathematical process aiming to rewrite an expression with the minimal number of items and variables.

Mathematical Expression Simplifier

Answers to Questions

How to simplify a math expression?

To simplify an equation, or an algaebrical calculation, dCode simplifier expands or factorize items in the expressions in order to reduce the mathematical expression into a simpler form.

Example: $$ \frac{x^2-4}{\frac{(x-2) \left(x^2+4 x+4\right)}{x^2-x-6}} = x-3 $$

dCode cal also realize the factorisation of mathematical expressions

Example: $$ 5x+5 = 5(x+1) $$

To simplify an equation or simplify an expression, it is necessary to work on each side of the equals sign.

How to simplify a formula with remarkable identities?

The remarkable identities allow a factorization of the mathematical expression and thus a simplification of its writing.

Example: $ (x-1)(x+1) = x^2-1 $

How to simplify radix (roots) expression?

dCode simplifies algebra expressions with radicals (nth root), for example by taking out the squares under the root. Square roots can be indicated with the sqrt() function.

Example: $$ \sqrt{8}+\sqrt{2} = 3\sqrt{2} $$

How to simplify fractions to irreducible form?

dCode calculator create irreducible fractions (see gcd) and reduce them to the same denominator : their lowest common multiple (see lcm).

Example: $$ \frac{15}{8} - \frac{2}{3} = \frac{29}{24} $$

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