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Enochian Alphabet

Tool to translate the Enochian language (also called angels' language). Enochian is a language invented by alchemists for texts on magic (so-called Enochian magic) with a dedicated alphabet.


Enochian Alphabet -

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Enochian Alphabet

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Answers to Questions (FAQ)

What is Enochian? (Definition)

Enochian (sometimes called Henokean) is a language used by some occult alchemists, with a dedicated alphabet. It is often associated with esoteric practices and communication with angels.

How to write in Enochian?

To write in the Enochian Alphabet, the user attributes the characters to the sounds of his own language. In practice, the Enochian alphabet consists of 21 (or 22) letters having a name and a correspondence with the English/Latin alphabet:

J≈ G
W≈ V V

Example: MAGIC is written char(77)char(65)char(71)char(73)char(67)

Some texts are written in reverse, ie. from right to left.

How to translate Enochian?

The transcription of the enochian consists of replacing each symbol with the corresponding letter.

However, the translation is difficult, there is no official dictionary, a few bits of English translations here (link) dCode will try to translate the words automatically.

Some symbols can be translated into several letters such as C/K, G/J, I/Y and U/V/W.

It is possible to write in reverse, ie. from right to left.

How to recognize an Enochian ciphertext?

The symbols are strange and esoteric, rather fat and rounded, but this is not an essential feature.

The translated words are usually written in Old English.

The text has at most 22 distinct symbols.

Any references to alchemy, angels (or other spiritual/supernatural entities), sacred language, celestial/angelic scripture, or magic are clues.

The notions of occultism, divination or invocation are generally linked.

What is the relation between enochian and angels?

The alchemists decrying the Enochian claim to have received this language from the angels who had spoken to them.

The existence of angels is a belief, moreover, the enochian was invented by alchemists, whose job is close to modern wizards, very little science, and a lot of trickery, lies and deceit.

Enochian is supposedly the language used by Adam and Eve in paradise.

How to contact the angels?

Communication with the angels through the Enochian Alphabet is spiritual. The recitation (or writing) of character sequences called keys is believed to open doors to the angelic realms and facilitate communication with celestial entities. However, there is no evidence that it works or that any contact has ever been established.

When was enochian invented?

The earliest Enochian writings date from the 16th century, by the britannic alchemists John Dee and Edward Kelley. They claimed to have established an invocation contact with angels through the use of this alphabet.

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