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Trigonometric Equation Solver

Tool / solver to resolve one or more trigonometric equations. A trigonometric equation is a mathematical expression with an equality between two elements containing unknown variables and trigonometric functions (cos, sin, tan, etc.).

Trig Equation Solving

Answers to Questions

How to solve a trigonometric equation?

dCode automatically solves the trigonometric equations and calculates the values of the unknowns.

All trigo functions are supported: sin(), cos(), tan(), but also the reciprocal functions acos(), arcsin(), and so on. as well as the hyperbolic functions cosh(), sinh(), etc.

Example: $ \sin(x) = 0 $ returns the solution $ x = 0 $

Some equations will have an infinite number of solutions (modulo $ \ pi $ or $ 2\pi $ or with constants $ c_i $)

How to solve multiple trigonometric equations?

Multiple trig equations with the same variables can be combined with a logical AND operator : && or .

Also, any new line return will be considered as a new equation.

How to solve a trigo equation step by step?

The dCode solver does not display the calculation steps because they do not reflect the steps of a human thinking but to the steps of a machine thinking (bit-by-bit binary calculation operations) far from a hand-held resolution. dCode allows you to check a result.

Source code

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Questions / Comments

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