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Gematria Numerology

Tool to calculate a Gematria value (Hebrew numerology) for a given or birth name or any word by an association of each letter to a value from 1 to 400.


Gematria Numerology -

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Gematria Numerology

Gematria Numerology Calculator

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Word from Gematria Value Calculator

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Answers to Questions (FAQ)

What is Gematria? (Definition)

The numerology of Gematria is based on an addition of the value of the letters of a given name or a word.

This Gematria numerological calculation consists of making the summation of values associated to each letter according to the gematria table.

How to calculate a value with Gematria?

Each of the letters of the Hebrew alphabet is associated with a number between 1 and 400.

Hebrew LetterEquivalent
Latin Letter(s)
aleph אA1
beth בB2
ghimel גC,G3
daleth דD4
he הE5
vav וF,U,V,W,Y6
zayin זZ7
het חH8
tet ט-9
yod יI,J10
kaf כK20
lamed לL30
mem מM40
nun נN50
samech ס-60
ayin עO70
pe פP80
tsade צ-90
qof קQ100
resh רR200
shin שS300
tav תT,X400
kaf* ך-500
mem* ם-600
nun* ן-700
peh* ף-800
tzady* ץ-900

* final letters

The table of values for Latin letters only:


Example: The Gematria value for DCODE is 4+3+70+4+5=86

The Gematria value can be calculated for a first given name, a last name, or for both at the same time.

If necessary, it is possible to use the recursive reduction on the result value, until having a single digit.

Example: 86=>8+6=14=>1+4=5

What is the meaning of the Gematria value?

Gematria numerology is a belief with no scientific basis. In order to add a caring touch,Code offers a list of interpretations for the numbers 0 to 9 (all random, deliberately positive and not based on any empirical reality):

0 - The number of plenitude: Associated with infinity, it symbolizes the infinite potentiality of each new beginning.

1 - Harmonious unity: Representing unity and singularity, 1 embodies inner strength and the power to create one's own reality.

2 - The harmony of the duo: Evoking balance and cooperation, the 2 encourages collaboration and harmonious relationships.

3 - Flourishing Creativity: Linked to artistic expression and joy, 3 inspires creativity and celebrates diversity.

4 - Fundamental stability: Symbolizing the solid foundation, the 4 encourages the construction of a stable foundation to achieve goals.

5 – Dynamic Freedom: Representing movement and adventure, 5 encourages embracing change for a dynamic and enriching life.

6 - Family harmony: Associated with family and responsibility, the 6 highlights the importance of emotional bonds and kindness towards others.

7 - Inner wisdom: Representing the search for knowledge and inner wisdom, the 7 encourages deep reflection and personal growth.

8 - Balanced abundance: Symbolizing balanced prosperity, the 8 encourages the search for abundance in all aspects of life.

9 - Universal love: Associated with universal love and compassion, the 9 encourages us to cultivate positive relationships and work for the common good.

These interpretations are imaginary creations and should not be taken as truth. The main thing is to find happiness in the diversity of beliefs, everyone being free to choose what resonates best with them.

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