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Equation Solver

Tool/solver to resolve one or more equations. An equation is a mathematical expression presented as equality between two elements with unknown variables.

Equation solving

Answers to Questions

How to solve an equation?

dCode can solve equations and find variables. The equations must contain a comparison character such as equal, ie. = (or < or >).

Example: 2x=1 returns for solution x=1/2

dCode returns exact solutions (integers, fraction, etc.) by default, if the equation contains comma numbers then dCode will return a solution with decimal numbers.

Example: 2x=1.0 returns for solution x=0.5

To solve a cryptarithm (replacing letters with multiple values between 0 and 9), use the dCode cryptarithm solver.

How to solve multiple equations?

Equations can be combined with the and (logical conjunction) operator : && or or with a line return between each equation.

Example: 2x+1 = 3 && 3x-1 = 2 gives x=1

How to solve multiple equations with multiple variables?

Equations have to be separated with && or . Variables have to be listed and separated in the variables input box.

How to check an equality?

Enter the equation and click on solve, the solver will answer true if the equality is checked whatever the variable.

Example: 2n + 18n + 4 = 2 (n + 9n + 2) is TRUE for any value of n

How to solve an equation step by step?

The calculation steps of the solver are not shown because they do not correspond to the steps a human would make. The operations performed by the solver are binary calculations bit by bit very different from those of a resolution by hand from a mathematician.

Source code

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Questions / Comments

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