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Words with Friends Solver

Tool/Solver to cheat at Words With Friends and find the best words in the version of Scrabble playable online by Zinga.


Words with Friends Solver -

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Words with Friends Solver

Find Best WWF Word

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Answers to Questions (FAQ)

What is Words With Friends? (Definition)

Words with Friends is a variant of Scrabble word game, proposed over mobile app and Facebook app that allows to play Scrabble with your friends.

How to use the Words With Friends solver?

The solver uses the 7 letter tiles to find the best word in the dictionary to play. A blank letter (joker) is written with ?, -, ., _, * or space.

Example: Draws ABCDEFG, HIJKLMN, ABCDEF? (with ? joker, blank tile) or ABCDEF* (with * joker, blank tile white)

Solver handles letters on the board (optional), either separately or with a pattern of multiple letters.

Use a letter on the board or use any letter methods

Example: On the board, letters A, B, and C are free. Enter ABC or A,B,C as board letters.

Example: Any letter mode tries all the letters of the alphabet (practical for end of games)

For a sequence of letter, select the pattern method

Use a pattern on the board method to extend a word

Example: Enter D--E if on the board there are a letter D, followed by a letter E, 3 tiles away.

Example: Enter DEF if the letters D, then E then F are consecutive on the board.

This solver can be used to cheat at Word with Friends, dCode is not responsible for cheating.

How to get a word definition?

Click on a word in the result list to get its definition in the dictionary (a tooltip will appear).

How to count points at Words with Friends?

Like Scrabble, the score depends on the letters (their number of points) but also on the position of the word on the board (DL: Double letter, TL: triple letter, DW: double word, TW: triple word).

A bonus of 35 points is granted if a player places all his letters.

Letters of the English version have the following values:


What does DL, TL, DW and TW mean?

On the board are bonus point multipliers.

DL (Double Letter) multiplies by 2 the value of the letter.

TL (Triple Letter) multiplies by 3 the value of the letter.

DW (Double Word) multiplies by 2 the total value of the word.

TW (Triple Word) multiplies by 3 the total value of the word.

What is the letter repartition at Words with Friends?

Repartition of the letters of the alphabet at the start of the game is:

1) on mobile app (classic version):


2) On Facebook/Messenger (fast version):


What is a blocker word?

A blocker is an un-extendable word. dCode indicates blockers (by the right or by the left) with a vertical bar |.

How can I tell if my opponent is cheating?

It's impossible unless being able to see opponent's screen on live or its browsing history. It is not because he uses little-known words does not mean he's a cheater. It is possible to recognize a good player at his placement of words and the use of words that block the possibilities of the opponent, not necessarily the use of the words that gives the most points.

Facebook, messenger, Android or Google cannot detect cheaters

How to sort the word list?

Click on a column header to sort words by points, by length, by alphabetical order.

How to calculate an average score per turn?

Average points per turn is a good indicator of a player's level. The principle is to divide the total number of points by the number of rounds of play.

Example: 300 points in 15 turns, is an average of 20 points per turn (300/15=20)

What is the dictionary used in Words with Friends?

The English version uses an author-modified ENABLE dictionary which includes some additional words like ZEN and excludes some others (such as insults).

The dictionary used in the foreign versions is not documented nor available to the public and this dictionary seems to be widely adapted as many valid words have been removed for no apparent reason. dCode tries to better adapt its answers but it should be up to the game authors to update their dictionary. dCode encourages players to bring these problems back to words with friends game developers.

What are coins used for and how to spend them?

Coins (bonus) are a kind of exchange currency to buy power-ups, profile options, etc. They can also be used to avoid waiting times.

What does the red and blue flames mean?

The flame or fire icons indicate a streak, a game that has lasted for at least 2 days in a row without interruption (the digit stands for the number of days). The flame goes red if it remains less than 3 hours to play before the streak ends (24h period without move).

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