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Word Crack Solver

Tool/Solver to cheat at Word Crack: a word game using a grid of 4x4 = 16 letters. The goal of the game is to form existing words by drawing a way of adjacent letters in the grid.

Word Crack Solver

Answers to Questions

How to use the Word Crack Solver?

Enter the letters in the cells (the 16 letters can be written at once in the first cell or by copy-paste).

Grid cells can be filled with more than one letter (such as TH or QU).

Wordcrack cheating is only recommended to get help for the game.

How to cheat at Word Crack?

The goal is to find words by connecting the letters in the grid. The solver allows to list all the possible words. Copy as many words as possible in less than 2 minutes to win.

Also use and abuse of power-ups :

Example: The bonus Freeze stops the game for 15 seconds, take this opportunity to remember a maximum of words to write. Time Boost bonus gives a time bonus time every time a given letter is used.

Source code

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Questions / Comments

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