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Flag Semaphore

Tool to decrypt/encrypt with semaphore flags. The semaphore alphabet is a visual communication system using hand-held flags by a standing man.

Semaphore Decoder

Semaphore Encoder

Answers to Questions

How to encrypt using Semaphore cipher?

The Semaphore encryption uses 2 flags (or other visual element, usually red and yellow) and a person, if possible standing (so as not to hinder arm movements).

Each letter as well as the character space is represented by a flag, the digits (1234567890) are represented by the letters from A to K.

Example: DCODE is translated char(68)char(67)char(79)char(68)char(69)

There are 3 special flags:

char(98) Which allows to pass from the digits to the letters

char(97) Which allows to pass from letters to numbers

char(99) Which indicates an error or danger

Example: A1 is translated char(65)char(97)char(65)

Usually, the flags are presented in the reception mode, the transmitter looks towards the receiver (a person emitting a message will have to imagine the character mirrored).

How to decrypt Semaphore cipher?

Semaphores signals decryption is done by matching the positions of the flags with the letters of the alphabet.

Example: char(83)char(69)char(77)char(65)char(80)char(72)char(79)char(82)char(69)translates to SEMAPHORE

How to recognize a Semaphore ciphertext?

The message consists of humanoids with flags (or any other object) presented at the end of a stretched arm with multiple angles of 45 degrees (0, 45, 90, 135, 180, 225, 270, 315, 360).

Any reference to the aviations, planes, or boats, the places where these flags are used is a clue.

What are the variants of the Semaphore flag cipher?

Sometimes the flags are used to code Morse, with 2 defined positions corresponding to point and dash.

Maritime signal codes uses another principle of flags to encode words.

When Semaphore flags have been invented ?

The system of flags and the alphabet spread throughout the world in the 19th century.

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