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QR Code

Tool to generate a QR-Code. QR code is a 2D barcode standard made of black and white squares, recognizable with three smaller squares in its angles.

QR Code Generator

Answers to Questions

How to create a QR code?

Encryption of data in a QR code uses the ISO norm 18004:2015 (QRCode).

Example: <b>qr-code</b>

How to decrypt a QR Code?

To read QR-Code, a quick and free solution is mobile phone. It exists a bunch of applications, such as Google Goggles (link) or Google Lens (link) (which has plenty of other use)

Without smartphone, on Internet :

Example: X-Zing takes a URL or an image to decode barcodes (link)
Online Bar Code Reader, another universal tool not limited to QR code (link)

How to recognize a QR Code?

The 2D bar code has generally 3 black squares in the corners and a matrix of black and white dots.

What does QR means in QR Code?

QR stands for Quick Response.

What are the variants of QR Code?

The center of the QR-Code is sometimes non-coding and therefore used to incorporate a logo. Otherwise, there are many other 2D barcodes like DataMatrix (FlashCode), Aztec, PDF 417, etc.

When QR code have been invented?

First QR codes have been published in Japan in 1999.

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