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Missing Vowels

Tool to find the missing vowels in a word or text whose vowels have been removed. dCode displays all possible words with replaced consonants.

Missing Vowels Solver

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Answers to Questions

How to find back vowels of a word?

A word whose vowels have been deleted is therefore composed of consonants only. The human brain has a certain capacity to reconstruct the original word, taking into account only the consonants, the brain manages to guess the removed vowels. This principle works all the better as Latin languages such as English or French tend to alternate vowels and consonants.

Example: jst tkng nt ccnt cnsnnts! (just taking into account consonants!)

For a computer like dCode it's more complicated to reconstruct a sentence without knowing the context, but it can list all possible words in a given dictionary.

How to remove vowels from a word?

To remove the vowels from a word is to go through each letter of the word and remove it if it is among 'A, E, I, O, U, Y'.

The Y is a vowel, but it is sometimes considered a consonant, especially phonetically, and some people do not take it as a true vowel.

Example: VOWEL becomes VWL

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