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Calculator with Fractions

Tool/Calculator with fractions and simplification. Calculating with fractions involves specific computation steps for numerator and denominator, before simplifying.

Fractions Calculator

Answers to Questions

How to simplify fractions to irreducible/mixed form?

dCode first perform calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication or any other calculation of the initial mathematical expression) and makes them irreducible fractions by reducing them to the same denominator. Simplification is given in result, like a scientific calculator.

Example: $$ \frac12 + \frac14 = \frac34 $$

dCode allows to check results of school exercises and will soon display the calculation step by step, meanwhile, use LCM and GCD tools.

How to reduce to the same denominator?

dCode can calculate the LCM least common multiple of the denominators in order to realize additions and subtractions.

Example: If the denominators of the fractions to be added are 8 and 3 then 'LCM(8,3)=24' and the fraction should have as denominator 24: 15/8-2/3 = 29/24

A multiplication of the numerator implies a multiplication of the denominator to preserve the equality of the fraction.

What is a fraction?

A fraction is a division.

Example: $ \frac42 = 4/2 = 2 $

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