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Fractionated Morse Cipher

Tool for decoding/encoding with fractionated Morse code. Fractionated Morse cipher is a variant of Morse code that adds an overcryption to it by splitting dots and dashes in groups of 3.

Fractionated Morse Decoder

See also: Morse Code

Fractionated Morse Encoder

See also: Morse Code

Answers to Questions

How to encrypt using fractionated Morse cipher?

The encryption consists, first of all, of encoding the plain message in Morse (point . for short, dash - for long), with a separator |, between each letter, and between each word a double separator ||.

Example: DCODE MORSE is encoded in Morse -..|-.-.|---|-..|.||--|---|.-.|...|.||

The morse message is divided into trigrams (3 characters) and completed with . or - if required

Example: -.., |-., -.|, ..., ||. (A dot has been added)

Each trigram is then substituted with the following table (read in columns) to get the encoded message.


Example: -.. corresponds to J, |-. for V, -. for L, etc. The final encrypted message is JVLNVGZQODSGY

How to decrypt fractionated Morse cipher?

The decryption uses the same table as for the encryption (possibly generated with a disordered alphabet or a key).

Each letter of the encrypted message is re-associated with the corresponding trigram.

Example: The message ONTGCI gives --|---|.-.|...|.||

The plain message is then obtained by deciphering this code in Morse (with | as the letter separator).

Example: The decoded plain message is MORSE.

Sometimes a final letter is erroneous or appears in addition to the original message, this is due to the completion in trigrams during the encryption process.

How to recognize a fractionated Morse ciphertext?

The message is composed of letters and has a coincidence index a little lower than that of the language of the plain text.

Some bigrams or trigrams can never appear as IS, IT, ... IZ or RS, RT, ... RZ because they would introduce three separators ||| which is impossible.

Frequency analysis of trigrams and quadragrams can give a good estimate of the position of the words THE, OF, etc. in the text.

What are the variants of the fractionated Morse cipher?

During encryption, the first row of the table is the alphabet used, a deranged alphabet, or an alphabet generated from a key is also a possibility.

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