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Word Ladder

Tool to generate word ladders, a sequence of words to pass from one word to another by modifying only one letter at each stage.

Word Ladder Generator

Answers to Questions

How to create a word ladder?

The principle of the words ladder is to list a sequence of words starting from an initial word and arriving at a final word, while creating a chain of words steps each of which differs from the previous one only by a single letter. The number of letters of the 2 words must be identical.



According to the variants, the shuffling of letters is authorized or not.

To create a word scale automatically, dCode generates lists from the 2 words. The result is not guaranteed.

To create a word scale semi-automatically, use the tool for changing letters in a word.

How to pass through a 3rd word?

To go from WORD1 to WORD2 through WORD3, then create a ladder between WORD1 and WORD3 then another between WORD3 and WORD2 and connect the 2.

How to get more steps or a defined number of steps?

To go from one word to another, you need N steps where N is the number of letters not common to the two words.

Example: CODE and WORD have 2 different letters (and 2 letters in common: O and D) so it takes 2 steps to go from one to the other.

To have more steps, go through a 3rd word with the number of uncommon letters of your choice (see the changing letters tool).

What is doublets?

Doublets is the name given to this scale principle of words in a newspaper by Lewis Carroll, this is one of the first written records of this game. Other names like word-links or laddergram are also used.

Source code

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