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Extend a Word

Tool to extend a word (at Scrabble or other letters game), to find words containing another word, to list extensible words (extension play), etc.

Word Extension Finder

Answers to Questions

How to extend a word?

A word is said to be extensible if it is possible to add / join one or more letters to the beginning or to the end of the word in order to create a new one, present in the chosen dictionary.

Example: CODE can be extended with R at the end to become CODER

Example: CODER can be extended with DE at the beginning to become DECODER

Word Extension is a technique used at Scrabble, it is even the main technique in its Wordox variant.

What is a benjamin?

Benjamin is the name given (in French Scrabble) to the technique of extending a word to Scrabble, popularized by the French player Benjamin Hannuna in the 80s who often used this technique by extending words with groups of 3 letters.

What is a prefix?

A prefix is a letter or group of letters that can be affixed to the beginning of a word.

Example: CODE + prefix DE gives DECODE

What is a suffix?

A suffix is a letter or group of letters that can be affixed to the end of a word.

Example: CODE + suffix R gives CODER

What is a stop word?

A stop word (non-extensible) is a word that can not be extended either by a prefix or a suffix

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