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Uppercase Lowercase Writing

Tool to convert uppercase and lowercase. In typography, for each writing font, characters are arranged in cases. Lower cases are for minuscules, and upper cases are for capital letters.

Convert into Uppercase - Lowercase

Action depending on case

Answers to Questions

How to convert case (switch case uppercase to lowercase and vice-versa)?

The software analyses if text characters (Unicode characters are taken into account) are upper case or lower case and realize the desired transformations.

Example: The message dCode can be converted:
All uppercase : DCODE
All lowercase : dcode
Invert case : DcODE (uppercase to lowercase and lowercase to uppercase)
First letter uppercase : DCode ou Dcode
Support for vowels and consonants dcOdE or DCoDe

Uppercase letters are also called the Capital letters.

Numbers and other non-alphabetic characters are not taken into account when transforming by the upper-lower conversion tool.

What is the Case?

In computing, case is the name given to the distinction between uppercase and lowercase characters. Case changing is the term for switching from one case to the other. Also when searching for text, the case can be ignored (a word written in upper or lower case will be treated indifferently).

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