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Sheikah Language

Tool for decrypt/encrypt the Sheikah language. Sheikah is an alphabet that appear in the video game Zelda - Breath of the Wild.

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Answers to Questions

How to write in Sheikah ?

The Sheikah script is a classical substitution of alphanumeric characters by Sheikah hieroglyphic symbols. The Sheikah alphabet contains the 26 letters of the latin alphabet, the 10 digits, the character - (dash) and the character . (dot/point/full stop). It is possible to space the words as the (space) character would.

Example: ZELDA is written char(90)char(69)char(76)char(68)char(65)

The digits/numbers are represented on a solid background while the letters are on an empty background

Example: 123 is written char(49)char(50)char(51)

How to translate Sheikah language?

The decryption of the Sheikah language consists in replacing each of the Sheikah symbols with the corresponding character (letter or number).

Example: char(83)char(72)char(69)char(73)char(75)char(65)char(72) is translated SHEIKAH.

How to recognize Sheikah symbols?

The symbols have a squared appearance and are formed by vertical or horizontal lines that can join, sometimes dots appear. The symbols are present in the videogame Breath of The Wild.

What are the variants of the Sheikah language?

In the Zelda series, several alphabets have already been used in particular the Hylian language, the Gerudo, the Goron, etc.

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