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Tool to decrypt/encrypt SHA-512. The SHA-512 hash is the unreduced version of the SHA-256 hash algorithme with a 128-character fingerprint.


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SHA-512 Decoder


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SHA512 Encoder



Answers to Questions (FAQ)

What is SHA-512? (Definition)

SHA-512 (Secure Hash Algorithm 512) is a hashing algorithm used in cryptography, based on SHA-2 with the 512-bit variant. It works on the same principle as SHA-256, except that it calculates a 512-bit digital fingerprint - 128 hexadecimal characters, designed to be secure and unique.

How to encrypt a character string using SHA512?

SHA512 encryption is similar to SHA256, but with 512 bits. It's a complex process of iterations, circular shifts, and XOR operations.

Example: dCode has for fingerprint f825e3e0ebc4f343a7575b319236755dfe6dfb489be11d7c359118be03b5c5ed0113131f4235e22e8e0d226b65ec5abb47d9112b624b573ffb3e154056d62d09

The main difference with SHA-256 is the size of the processed data (1024 bits is twice as large) and the use of 64-bit words and calculations (better suited to 64-bit architectures).

How to decrypt SHA512 cipher?

Since SHA512 is a hash algorithm based on non-linear functions/operations, it is designed to prevent any decryption method, (the process makes it nearly impossible to determine the original data from the hash value), so it's virtually tamper-proof.

The only possible method is to assume that the hashed content is a common word or a common password. Indeed, there are databases of passwords for which it is easy to compare their fingerprint/hash with the one sought. This method cannot cover all possible passwords and does not often work, yet it is the best method so far.

dCode uses databases with common words associated with their hash that has already been calculated (i.e. potentially several million passwords) and checks if the hash is one of those known. If it is not in the list or combined with salting, the decryption will fail systematically.

How to recognize SHA512 ciphertext?

The hash is composed of 128 hexadecimal characters 0123456789abcdef (ie 512 bits) whose frequencies approach randomness.

What is sha512crypt?

SHA512crypt est un algorithme de hachage qui utilise la fonction SHA-512, notamment utilisée dans les systèmes d'exploitation Unix/Linux.

L'algorithme sha512crypt applique la fonction de hachage SHA-512 plusieurs fois (cycles de hachage) avec le mot de passe d'entrée et un sel aléatoire pour augmenter le coût de calcul. Ce processus rend beaucoup plus difficile et chronophage pour les attaquants d'effectuer des attaques par force brute ou par dictionnaire pour découvrir le mot de passe d'origine à partir du hachage stocké.

Les hachages stockés par cette méthode ne sont pas des empreintes SHA-512, mais des empreintes spécifiques à sha512crypt, see crypt() function(s).

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