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Random Sampling

Tools for random sampling: a random selection among a large number of elements of a subset (number or percentage) where it is chance that draws/decides.

Random Choice of Elements / People

Answers to Questions

What is a random sampling? (Definition)

Statistical sampling of a set of elements (called population) is a method of selecting a subset of the population (called a sample).

Generally random, dCode sampling is based on pseudo-randomness generation algorithms.

Sampling a population allows to estimate its characteristics (according to a confidence interval) by measuring only a part of the population (only the sample) and extrapolating these measures (which is often faster and less expensive).

Unbiased sample creation (without criterion) is equivalent to a random draw/choice without replacement.

How to make a random sample/selection?

Enter the entire population and the number of elements to be drawn (or a percentage of the number of elements to be drawn, the number of elements to be selected will be automatically calculated).

The program will generate a selection of a random subset from the requested list.

Example: In the list of numbers 0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, a sample of 10% will return 2 values randomly

Write the element list as one element per line, or all the elements at once, but they must not contain spaces.

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