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Music Staff Notation

Tool to convert/read a music sheet into notes. A musical sheet is a kind of notation for music notes in order to transcribe a music with universal symbols on a staff.

Read a Music Sheet in notes

Write notes (DO,RE,MI) on a Music Sheet

See also: Music Notes

Write notes (A,B,C) on a Music Sheet

See also: Music Notes

Write notes (1,2,3) on a Music Sheet

Answers to Questions

How to read music notes?

The reading is based on solfeggio. dCode can covert a staff into notes by translating the most common 14 notes and their variation sharp # and flat b.



dCode only displays partitions with a treble key.

Why a1 and a2?

In order to transcribe the two level of notes, the first level can be suffixed by 1 and the second by 2.

Why flat and sharp are not on the partition?

dCode has taken the liberty to simplify the writing of dieses and bemols, they are normally on the same level as their following note.

Source code

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Questions / Comments

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