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ISBN Book Code

Tool to find books from an ISBN number. ISBN (for International Standard Book Number) code is a number that identify a number at the international level.

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Answers to Questions

How to search for books using ISBN?

If dCode does not return any result, then search for Amazon here (results limited to books for sale) or directly Google.

What is the difference between ISBN 10 and ISBN 13?

ISBNs originally included 10 digits (hence its name ISBN 10) and in January 2007 the length of the ISBN has been extended to 13 digits. ISBN 13 is actually made of the number ISBN 10 and 3 new digits positioned at the beginning.

What is the composition of an ISBN?

An ISBN code is composed of four segments A - B - C - D.

A is a geographical area code of variable length (up to 5 characters).

Example: English books generally begin with digit 1.

B is a variable length code editor (up to 7 characters)

C is the book code (usually sequential). This code is completed with leading zeros if necessary.

D is the code checksum (verification key) 1 character

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