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Ideograms Cipher (Lines, Circles, Dots)

Tool to decrypt ideograms. This principle can be used for encryption, by creating unique ideograms to cipher numbers or letters, with simple elements such as circles, dots or lines, with, each, a distinct value.

Ideograms Decoder

Without knowing simple elements values

Answers to Questions

How to encrypt using Ideograms?

Ideograms encryption associates to each letter of the plain text, a number, which is decomposed in (any) distinct values

Example: The message be crypted is DCODEZ, initially coded by (alphabetic rank) 4, 3, 15, 4, 5, 26 and selected values are 10, 5 and 1 for decomposition.
D = 4 = 0*10 + 0*5+ 4*1
O = 15 = 1*10 + 1*5 + 0*1
Z = 26 = 2*10 + 1*5 + 1*1

Each values corresponds to a selected form (basic element such as a point, a line, a line, a circle, etc.).

Example: A line = 10, a circle = 5, a dot = 1.

Draw any ideogram with these items.

Example: Z can be drawn ||o. or |.o_

How to decrypt some Ideograms?

Ideaograms decryption requires decomposing each ideogram in simple forms (generally between 2 and 4 distinct, the most used are dot, circle, line)

Example: Decrypt the message :: .: ∅ .... o

Count the number of appearance of each simple form in each ideogram.
:: and .... = 4 dots
.: = 3 dots
= 1 circle et 1 line
o = 1 circle

Then search for values for each simple element. The value of an ideogram is given by addition.

Example: Values are line = 10, circle = 5, dot = 1.
Then ::=4 .:=3 =15 ....=4 o=5

Each value corresponds to a letter, for example, the alphabetic rank (A=1, B=2, etc.)

Example: The original plain text is DCODE.

How to recognize Ideograms ciphertext?

The ciphered message is composed of symbols nearly all distinct, with common factors (geometry, color, size, etc.)

How to decipher Ideograms without values?

One can crack Ideograms with difficulties by testing all values. Note that the value 1 appears often.

What are the variants of the Ideograms ciphering?

Use of colors (or any distinctive element) rather than geometric forms.

Modification of the addition calculus (eg. a color means a multiplication by N, etc.)

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