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Name of Geometric Shapes

Tool to find the name of geometric shapes. Polygons are geometrical shapes in the plane 2D and polyhedra are geometric shapes in the space 3D


Name of Geometric Shapes -

Tag(s) : Geometry

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Name of Geometric Shapes

2D Shapes

3D Shapes

Answers to Questions (FAQ)

What is the name of a polygon with...?

Indicate to dCode the number of sides and it will find the name.

Example: 6: HEXAGON

More generally, polygons are written with a prefix indicating their number of sides and the suffix -gon.

Here is the list as a table of all the different regular geometric shapes of the 2D plane (table of n-sided polygon names):

#Name of the Polygon + Geometric Drawing
1 sidemonogon (impossible figure in Euclidean geometry)
2 sidesdigon
3 sidestriangle or trigon3-sides
4 sidesquadrilateral or quadrangle or tetragon4-sides
5 sidespentagon5-sides
6 sideshexagon6-sides
7 sidesheptagon (wrongly septagon)7-sides
8 sidesoctogon8-sides
9 sidesenneagon (ou nonagon)9-sides
10 sidesdecagon10-sides
11 sideshendecagon11-sides
12 sidesdodecagon12-sides
13 sidestridecagon12-sides
14 sidestetradecagon12-sides
15 sidespentadecagon12-sides
16 sideshexadecagon12-sides
17 sidesheptadecagon12-sides
18 sidesoctadecagon12-sides
19 sidesenneadecagon12-sides
20 sidesicosagon12-sides
21 sideshenicosagon
22 sidesdoicosagon
23 sidestriaicosagon
24 sidestetraicosagon
25 sidespentaicosagon
26 sideshexaicosagon
27 sidesheptaicosagon
28 sidesoctaicosagon
29 sidesenneaicosagon
30 sidestriacontagon
31 sideshentriacontagon
32 sidesdotriacontagon
33 sidestritriacontagon
34 sidestetratriacontagon
35 sidespentatriacontagon
36 sideshexatriacontagon
37 sidesheptatriacontagon
38 sidesoctatriacontagon
39 sidesenneatriacontagon
40 sidestetracontagon
50 sidespentacontagon
60 sideshexacontagon
70 sidesheptacontagon
80 sidesoctacontagon
90 sidesenneacontagon
100 sideshectogon
200 sidesdihectogon
300 sidestrihectogon
400 sidestetrahectogon
500 sidespentahectogon
600 sideshexahectogon
700 sidesheptahectogon
800 sidesoctahectogon
900 sidesenneahectogon
1000 sideschiliagon
10000 sidesmyriagon
1000000 sidesmegagon
infinite number of sidescircle

What is the name of a polyhedra with...?

Indicate the number of faces and it will find the name of the 3D geometrical figure.

Example: 6: HEXAHEDRON


Here is a table of all the regular geometric shapes/polyhedron of 3D space (table of names of n-faced polyhedra):

#Name of the Shape (Drawing)
1 facemonohedron
2 facesdihedron
3 facestrihedron
4 facestetrahedron4-faces
5 facespentahedron5-faces
6 faceshexahedron6-faces
7 facesheptahedron7-faces
8 facesoctohedron8-faces
9 facesenneahedron9-faces
10 facesdecahedron10-faces
11 faceshendecahedron11-faces
12 facesdodecahedron12-faces
13 facestridecahedron13-faces
14 facestetradecahedron14-faces
15 facespentadecahedron15-faces
16 faceshexadecahedron16-faces
17 facesheptadecahedron17-faces
18 facesoctadecahedron18-faces
19 facesenneadecahedron
20 facesicosahedron20-faces
21 faceshenicosahedron
22 facesdoicosahedron
23 facestriaicosahedron
24 facestetraicosahedron
25 facespentaicosahedron
26 faceshexaicosahedron
27 facesheptaicosahedron
28 facesoctaicosahedron
29 facesenneaicosahedron
30 facestriacontahedron
31 faceshentriacontahedron
32 facesdotriacontahedron
33 facestritriacontahedron
34 facestetratriacontahedron
35 facespentatriacontahedron
36 faceshexatriacontahedron
37 facesheptatriacontahedron
38 facesoctatriacontahedron
39 facesenneatriacontahedron
40 facestetracontahedron
50 facespentacontahedron
60 faceshexacontahedron
70 facesheptacontahedron
80 facesoctacontahedron
90 facesenneacontahedron
100 faceshectohedron
200 facesdihectohedron
300 facestrihectohedron
400 facestetrahectohedron
500 facespentahectohedron
600 faceshexahectohedron
700 facesheptahectohedron
800 facesoctahectohedron
900 facesenneahectohedron
1000 faceschiliahedron
10000 facesmyriahedron
1000000 facesmegahedron
infinite number of facessphere

How to learn geometric shapes?

Some resources for children are great to learn shapes and other geometric figures such as here (link)

What are the polygons with an axial symmetry?

All regular polygons have at least one axial symmetry.

A regular polygon with as many axes of symmetry as it possesses sides.

The axes of symmetry pass through the center of the polygon and the center of each side or each vertex/corner.

What are the polygons with a central symmetry?

All regular polygons with an even side number have a central symmetry (the center of the polygon). Polygons with an odd number of sides have no central symmetry.

What is a polytope?

A polytope is the generalization of a polygon / polyhedron to all dimensions.

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