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Date Format

Tool to convert a date in foreign formats. In the US, the date written as mm/dd/yyyy (31/12/2009) or name of the day, month name, day number, number of the year (Friday, January 23th, 1987). In other countries, writing the date use other formats.

Date Format Converter (International)


Answers to Questions

How to convert a date according to the countries standards?

Bay convention, dd is the day number, mm is the month number, yyyy is the 4-digit year number and yy the last 2 digits of the year number.

Example: The Friday 31st of December 1999 or 12-31-1999 can be also written : Friday, Dec 31st 1999, December 31, 1999, 31-Dec-1999, 1999-12-31, etc.

dCode converter is limited to the years between 1970 and 2037 (32bits date standard).

What is the correct date standard format?

In 1988, the ISO8601 was created to avoid any risk of confusion during communications between international users. This standard specifies that the date format should be yyyy-mm-dd.

What are common date formats?

Depending on the country, there is the format dd/mm/yyyy (Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Croatia, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, India, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Russia, Sweden or the documents of the European Union) or the format mm-dd-aa (almost exclusively used in the United States) or the format yyyy-mm-dd (Africa South, Saudi Arabia, China, UAE, Japan, Norway, Qatar, Sweden and Taiwan). This last format has the values of the year, month and day allowing identical sort chronologically and alphabetically (ISO 8601).

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