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CPBitmap Image

Tool to convert cpBitmap files. cpBitmap is a proprietary format for image files used by Apple devices running iOS (iPhone, iPad)

cpBitmap File Converter


Answers to Questions

What is a .cpbitmap file format?

The cpbitmap format is used by Apple on iDevices such as the iPhone or the iPad. Technically simple (no compression), it is used, on some iOS, to save images.

Example: Files such as LockBackground.cpbitmap (background image for the lockscreen) or HomeBackground.cpbitmap (background image for icons' dock) are in cpbitmap format.

Similar to Bitmap (BMP) format cpbitmap images are encoded over 3 channels in RGB (Red, Green, Blue) in reverse order (the first pixels are on the bottom left of the image and information on the image size are at the end).

Why my file is not converted?

There have been several versions of the Cpbitmap format and not all of them are supported. In addition, some images are encrypted and not readable, the program displays an error and can not convert it to PNG or JPG. Finally, images of several million pixels will cause a memory error.

Source code

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