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Acéré Cipher

Tool to decrypt/encrypt with Acéré. Acéré is a french cipher whose principle is to associate the letter A to the music note Ré (french music notation)

Acéré Decoder

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Acéré Encoder

Answers to Questions

How to encrypt using Acéré cipher?

Acéré (A is in French) encryption uses a substitution between notes and letters starting with the letter A for the note hence the name of the code. Since there are not enough notes, usually the eighth notes (quavers) are used for the first letters and then the demi notes for the last letters.

Example: A = Ré, B = Mi, ..., G = Do, H = Ré, ..., M = Si, N = Do, ... etc.

Some variants allow to code digits starting from 0 = Ré = D.

How to decrypt Acéré cipher?

Acéré decryption requires knowing basic music theory/solfeggio like the type of music notes used before substitution (half notes, quarter notes, eighth notes). The remaining task is a replacement with the right letter.

How to recognize Acéré ciphertext?

The message is made up of music notes, the fact that the LA corresponds to the E should make it statistically more frequent than the other notes.

What are the variants of the Acéré cipher?

It is possible to invert the kind of notes (half notes, quarter notes, eight notes). Digits can be represented by half notes or full notes.

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