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Round-robin Tournament Generator

Tool to automatically generate a calendar matches for an all-play-all championship/tournament (round-robin) where every opponent meets all others with this generator.

Matches Generation

Answers to Questions

How to generate the rounds list for a championship?

Enter the list of participants (teams, players, people, competitors etc.) in the table, one per cell. Then click the button to start a random round-robin tournament generation.

Each item will contain all the others. All games that can be performed simultaneously (in parallel) will be grouped.

Example: With 4 teams Team1,Team2,Team3,Team4, a possible draw is :
Round 1 : Team1 vs Team2 et Team3 vs Team4
Round 2 : Team1 vs Team4 et Team2 vs Team3
Round 3 : Team1 vs Team3 et Team4 vs Team2

If the number of participants N is even, then there will be N-1 championship days in the calendar.

If the number of participants is odd, every round a participant has no opponent.

How to generate the rounds list for two legged ties?

Some championships, for fairness, organize round-trip matches, with a home game and an away game. The generator can take into account these specificities in order to list games respecting 50% of home and 50% of away and / or to include two-legged tie.

What is the difference between a championship and a tournament?

A championship is composed of a single pool.

A tournament is composed of a tree.

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