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Progressive Caesar Cipher

Tool to encrypt/decrypt by successive shifts of Caesar cipher. The Progressive Caesar code uses the Caesar number with an incremental shift system.

Progressive Caesar Decoder

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Progressive Caesar Encoder

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Answers to Questions

How to encrypt using Progressive Shift cipher?

Progressive Caesar's encryption is a variant of the Caesar cipher. Instead of using the position of the letters in the alphabet and shift by X a letter in position N (so taking the letter in position N+X), the progressive shift consists of taking successively X, X+1, X+2 etc. as a shift sequence.

Example: AAA is encrypted DDD with a Caesar shift of 3

Example: AAA is encrypted DEF with a progressive Caesar offset of 3 (then 4, 5, ...)

See the shift cipher tool for more options on this type of encryption.

How to decrypt using Shift cipher?

The decryption by Caesar Progressive, requires to know the encryption parameters (progressive or decreasing and the mode of shift change).

Decoding consists of shifting the letters of N in the alphabet for the first letter, then N+1, N+2 and so on, for the following letters.

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