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Plagiarism Detector

Tool for detecting common points between two texts to highlight the plagiarism and used as copy and paste detector between 2 documents.

Plagiarism Detection

Answers to Questions

How to search for plagiarism between texts?

Enter the two texts to be compared, the common points of which have to be detected (it is possible to copy and paste). dCode makes a comparison and then displays the common elements and similarities, (thus potential copies and plagiarism), in the texts. The distinct elements are also displayed (possibly synonymous).

Example: Sample text [copied] [plagiarized].

Plagiarism is only detectable between 2 specific documents, it does not allow to search on the Internet. There are paid software to do this.

What is a plagiarism?

Plagiarism consists of copying or strongly imitate a work by an author without citing it. It is a criminal offense to deliberately or negligently omit to cite sources of inspiration or to take ownership of others' work.

What is the problem of plagiarism at school

Plagiarism is an important issue for students and teachers. On the Internet many elements are already present and accessible with a copy and paste.

Students must use anti-plagiarism software before submitting their academic work.

Source code

dCode retains ownership of the source code of the script Plagiarism Detector online. Except explicit open source licence (indicated Creative Commons / free), any algorithm, applet, snippet, software (converter, solver, encryption / decryption, encoding / decoding, ciphering / deciphering, translator), or any function (convert, solve, decrypt, encrypt, decipher, cipher, decode, code, translate) written in any informatic langauge (PHP, Java, C#, Python, Javascript, Matlab, etc.) which dCode owns rights will not be released for free. To download the online Plagiarism Detector script for offline use on PC, iPhone or Android, ask for price quote on contact page !

Questions / Comments

Team dCode likes feedback and relevant comments; to get an answer give an email (not published). It is thanks to you that dCode has the best Plagiarism Detector tool. Thank you.

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