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Latin Gibberish

Tool for finding or hiding text in another text that look written in pseudo-Latin with suffixes (hence the name gibberish) like -us, -um, -ae etc.

Latin Gibberish Decoder

See also: LouchebemJavanais

Latin Gibberish Encoder

See also: LouchebemJavanais

Answers to Questions

How to encrypt using latin gibberish cipher?

The latin gibberish encryption is a steganographic technique that consists in taking each word, writing it from right to left (in reverse, in the opposite direction: ABC-CBA) and adding a suffix to get a words similar to Latin declensions consonance (-us, -um, -it, etc. .)

Example: LATIN is written backwards NITAL add a suffix like UM or AE to get NITALUM or NITALAE.

How to decrypt a latin gibberish ciphertext?

Deciphering consists in de-latinizing the words by deleting their suffixes and writing them in the correct way (because the order of the letters has previously been reversed CBA-ABC).

Example: Take the word NITALUS, remove the suffix US to get NITAL and write it in reverse to have the original word: LATIN.

How to recognize a latin gibberish ciphertext?

The message is composed of words with Latin appearances that probably do not exist in Latin dictionaries.

What are the variants of the latin gibberish method?

The Latin suffixes can be multiple, it is also conceivable to use others, like -IX for the indomitable Gauls!

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