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Calculation with Dates

Tool to make calculation with dates. Date can be computed with additions or subtractions of days, weeks, months or years with a given date.

Addition of days to a given date calculator


Subtraction of days to a given date calculator


Answers to Questions

How to add/remove days to a date?

dCode locate the day, month and year in a reference calendar. He added or subtracted the number of days required for the initial date to calculate the new date.

Example: To determine when somebody had/will have 10,000 days, add 10,000 days to the date of birth.

Calculation uses the Gregorian Calendar and the Julian one before 1582.

Remainder : 1 week = 7 days, 1 month = 30.4 days (average value), 1 trimester = 91.3 days (average value), 1 year = 365.24 days (average value)

How to calculate your age in days?

To know how many days somebody have, use the difference between two dates page and enter the birth date and today as the reference date for subtraction.

How to add days of months in Excel

To add days in Excel, add an integer to a date.

Example: 2010/01/01 + 1 = 2010/01/02

To add months, use the function EDATE

Example: EDATE("01/01/2010",1) = 2010/02/01

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