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Group of Letters Splitting

Tools to split a text into letters, group of letters or words. The cut/splitting can be regular, by blocks, or follow a sequence, the separator is configurable.

Text Splitter

Answers to Questions

How to split a text into groups of letters of equal length?

Enter the text and the size of the blocks (number of characters per block between each cut).

Example: The text ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ with a splitting parameter of 3 will split the text into uniform blocks of size 3: ABC,DEF,GHI,JKL,MNO,PQR,STU,VWX,YZ

It is possible to take or only letters or all characters (keeping punctuation) in each part.

Be careful to choose a separator that does not already appear in the text otherwise there could be confusion.

Do not confuse letter and character, all letters are characters but not all characters are letters.

How to split a text into groups of letters of unequal length?

Indicate several sizes of successive cuts.

Example: 1.2 will cut the blocks/portions of text 1 and 2 letters A,BC,D,EF,G,HI,J,KL,M,NO,P,QR,S,TU,V,WX,Y,Z

Example: 8,7,6,5 will split the text into blocks/portions: ABCDEFGH,IJKLMNO,PQRSTU,VWXYZ

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