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Keyboard Coordinates

Tool to translate keyboard keys into column-line and vice versa. The keyboard has keys that can be identified with their coordinates: number of row and column

Keyboard Coordinates Decoder

Keyboard Coordinates Encoder

Answers to Questions

How to encrypt using Keyboard Coordinates cipher?

Encryption uses a computer keyboard and each key is encoded with its position on the keyboard (line, column)

Example: A becomes 32 because it is located on the 3rd row and it is the 2nd key

Do not confuse with ASCII values where 32 is space

How to decrypt Keyboard Coordinates cipher?

Decryption requires a keyboard (or dCode) to find the corresponding key to the coordinates line, column.

Example: 32 is A (row 3, key 2).

How to recognize Keyboard Coordinates ciphertext?

The ciphered message is made of couples of numbers, sometimes concatenated, one for the lines (between 1 and 6) and one for the columns (between 1 and 21).

What are the variants of the Keyboard Coordinates cipher?

- Inverting Lines and Columns

- Ignore some lines (such as top one with functions, or last one)

- Change Keyboard configuration: AZERTY, QWERTY or DWORAK

Source code

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