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Typing Error

Tool to generate keyboard typing mistakes/errors (missed key, forgotten, repeated, swapped, etc.) (also known as typos) for a given word or phrase.

Typing Error Generator

Answers to Questions

What is a typo or typographical error?

A typo, or misprint, is an error made during the typing or printing process that results in an erroneous writing.

How to generate typos or mispelling errors?

dCode can generate common typing errors/bad spelling: forgotten letters, a finger that slips on the keyboard, the typos are regular. Examples with DCODE

Example: Missing letter (forgotten entry): CODE,DODE,DCDE,DCOE,DCOD

Example: Two letters switched (too fast entry): CDODE,DOCDE,DCDOE,DCOED

Example: A doubled letter (finger tremoring): DDCODE,DCCODE,DCOODE,DCODDE,DCODEE

Example: A letter replaced by another typically close on the keyboard (bad typing): SCODE,FCODE,DXODE,...,DCOFE,DCODW,DCODR

Example: A neighbor letter inserted (big fingers issue): DSCODE,SDCODE,DFCODE,...,DCODWE,DCODER,DCODRE

Why generating typing errors?

Search engines have a hard time interpreting a word correctly spelled or a typo. So on Amazon or eBay, it is possible to search for misspelled items, findable only if the user entered a misspelled object name.

The misspelling generation is also used in SEO although increasingly Google or Bing are trying to detect and sometimes propose corrections.

Finally, the mistakes are used in cases of typosquatting / cybersquatting, where sometimes malicious people retrieve misspelled websites to steal data from users.

What is the fat finger syndrome?

The big finger syndrome is the name given to the clumsy tendency of people to see several keys instead of one on a keyboard, potentially because of the size of their fingers.

Source code

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Questions / Comments

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