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Super Big Boggle Solver 6x6

Tool/Solver to cheat at 6x6 Boggle. Boggle 6x6 (Super Big Boggle) is a word game using a board of 36 letters. The goal is to search for word that can be written using adjacent letters on the board.

BigBoggle Solver 6x6


Parameters and Variants

Grid Generator 6x6

Answers to Questions

How to use the 6x6 Boggle Solver?

Enter the letters in the cells. A joker (the special dice meaning any letter) can be entered with the characters * or ?. Blank or Black cells (empty boxes, impossible to use) are also accepted. Some boxes can support more than one letter (sometimes TH or QU).



Example: To find the words STOPING, AUTOING or HAGBUTS.

Online game cheating is possible via this Boggle solver, use with moderation.

How to count Boggle score?

In its original version, the official rule give these points:

4 letters = 1 point

5 letters = 2 points

6 letters = 3 points

7 letters = 5 points

8 letters = 11 points

more than 8 letters = 2 more points per letter

Why Q = QU

In many languages, Q is followed by a U. On a Boggle grid, if a Q appears, it is not often connected to a U and its use becomes impossible, unless to assimilate it as 2 letters: QU.

Source code

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Questions / Comments

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