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RGB Channels

Tool to separate red, green and blue in an image. The separation of the RGB channels (for the 3 colors Red, Green, Blue) is used to analyze the components of the primary colors of each part of an image.

Red/Green/Blue Channels Splitter


Answers to Questions

How to separate RGB values of an image?

The image will be analyzed in primary color components: Red, Green and Blue, so called RGB colors.

The result will be returned in gray level for each color, from black to white, from no color to pure color.

Example: Red red

Example: Green green

Example: Blue blue

The image will be resized if it is too large to accelerate calculations.

Thus, in an image encoded in RGB, the white color corresponds to the presence of the three colors simultaneously. The black color corresponds to an absence of three colors simultaneously.

Why using RGB canals?

The red, green and blue elements are the best hues captured by the human eyes.

What is the relation between RGB and HTML color codes?

The HTML color codes consist of 3 hexadecimal numbers corresponding to the 3 RGB colors.

Example: #ff7f00 for ff,7f,00 is ff for red, 7f for green and 00 for blue

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