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Regular Expression Replacement

Tool to find and replace by regular expression (regexp/regex) in text, message, or document to perform the corresponding replacements.

Regexp Search and Remplace

Answers to Questions

What is a regular expression replacement?

It is a search and replace operation, but using a search by regular expression (or rational expression or regexp) that makes it possible to extract subsets of strings respecting a precise description. Regular expression replacements allow the ability of this search to be coupled with replacement capabilities based on the results of the search.

Example: ([a-z])[a-z] describes a set of any 2 consecutive letters. Replacing with $1 makes it possible to retain only the first letter.

What is a back-reference?

Parentheses are used to number and reference their contents. Each captured parenthesis encountered will thus be associated with a back reference.

A back reference is therefore a reference to a capturing submask defined previously (in parentheses).

The reference is noted with a backslash or with a dollar followed by a number greater than 0 and often limited to 9 or 99).

Example: The regex ((A)BC) will capture ABC in \1 and A in \2.

Source code

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