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Next Prime Number

Tool to search for prime numbers, such as the prime following a given number (next), or the nth prime number greater than a given number (Next Prime Function)

Next Prime Number Search

Answers to Questions

How to calculate the next prime number?

There is no formula on how to find the next prime number. dCode uses an algorithm that performs a probabilistic primality test (Miller-Rabin test) on each of the numbers greater than or equal to the number requested, then check it with a deterministic test.

Example: The first prime number following 1000 is 1009.

Example: The 10th prime number after 100 is 149 (so there are 9 prime numbers between 101 and 148)

The number must be a positive real number (the decimal numbers are accepted).

How to find smallest primes with n digits ?

The first prime number following $ 10^(n-1) $ is a number with $ n $ digits which is the smallest n-digit prime number.

Example: 2, 11, 101, 1009, 10007, etc.

What are twin primes numbers?

A prime number and the next prime number are said to be twins if their difference is 2.

Example: 11 and 13 are twins primes because 13-11 = 2.

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