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Math Expression Expansion

Tool to realize the development of a mathematical expression (polynomial, product, ...), this expansion is the reverse of the factoring process, and it create an expanded form.

Math Expression Expander

Trigonometric Expression Expansion

Answers to Questions

What does expand an expression means? (Definition)

The development consists of the transformation of a multiplication or a mathematical product into a sum or a difference.

The development is also called an 'expansion' and the technique is called a polynomial expansion.

The concept of 'distributivity' is also important for developping: $ a \times (b + c) = (a \times b) + (a \times c) $

Example: $ (a+b)^2 $ is expanded $ a^2+2ab+b^2 $

How to develop a polynomial-like expression?

Developing a math expression (or a part of an equation) consists in expressing it in sum of factors (to eliminate the possible factorization) in order to obtain a longer writing but which can then make it possible to carry out simplifications.

To achieve the operations, dCode uses the distributive property of multiplication over addition and subtraction.

After expansion, dCode calculator automatically computes the reduced form of the math expression

How to expand a trigonometric expression?

dCode expands algebraic expressions but also trigonometric expressions (functions sine, cosine, etc.) in order to simplify their content

Example: $ \sin(2x) $ gives $ 2\sin(x)\cos(x) $

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