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Tool to geocode an address. Geocoding allows to associate a place or a text address to a list of geographic coordinates (eg GPS) to locate them on a map.

Geocoding of Address (street, city, location, etc.)

Answers to Questions

How to geolocate addresses?

Geocoding is a tedious operation, based on a huge database of billion addresses in the world associated with a point on a geography map.

Example: Tour Eiffel, Paris (France) has for geolocalization in GPS coordinates : (48.858260, 2.294499)

The addresses are first recorded by the competent groups in each country/territory. Each site or a place name is associated to a position (longitude, latitude) in the cartographic map. Data is then shared (sometimes onerously) for GIS organizations (geographic information system). In recent years free geocoding tools (but limited) have increased thanks to Google Maps and OpenStreetMap.

Specify an address on dCode to receive its GPS coordinates (if the address exists in the database.)

How to geolocate a huge quantité of addresses?

Geocoding is an expensive operation that is charged by all geocoding services. Some services share open-data names and locations such as (link)

Source code

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Questions / Comments

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