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Tool to remove diacritics in a text. Diacritics are glyphes added to a letter (circumflex, acute, etc.). They often raise encoding problems with documents.

Delete diacritics

Answers to Questions

What are the diacritics (that can be deleted)?

This script is able to detect: acute accent, grave accent, circumflex, diaresis or even cedilla and all non ASCII characters (to avoid encoding problems).

Example: dèçodé will be transformed into decode

Here is a partial list of detected and deleted items: acute accent ´, grave accent`, circumflex ˆ, umlaut ¨, point ·, macron ¯, round ˚ or ˳, etc.

Il exists several variants and combinaisons of these glyphs that will be also removed.

How to remove accents in Excel?

Excel does not have such a function. If there is little accents CTRL + H (Search / Replace) is a quick fix. Otherwise, it is possible to create a macro in VBA: // Macro VBA Excel
Function noAccent(str As String) As String Dim withAccent As String, withoutAccent As String, i As Long withAccent = "äâàéèêëïîìöôòüûù" withoutAccent = "aaaeeeeiiiooouuu" For i = 1 To Len(withAccent) str = Replace(str, Mid(withAccent, i, 1), Mid(withoutAccent, i, 1)) Next i noAccent = str End Function

What is the diacritics list in Unicode?

The list of Unicode diacritics is the characters range U+0300 to U+036F.

What are diacritics in English?

The use of diacritics is limited, but there are some acute accent or grave accent, circumflex, diaeresis, a macron, a breve, a umlaut, a cedilla or a tilde.

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