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Coordinates Geolocalization

Tool for geolocalisation/geocoding. Geolocalization allows to locate a place, an object or a person on a map with geographic coordinates.

Locate Coordinates on a Map

Answers to Questions

How to locate Coordinates on a map?

dCode uses a map and locates GPS coordinates with their latitude and longitude in degree.

Example: 45.678, -5.4321 will be positionned to latitude +45.678 and longitude -5.4321.

What is the latitude?

The latitude is the angle of the point on the North-South axis, starting from 0° to the equator and going from -90° to the south pole and +90° to the north pole.

What is the longitude?

Longitude is the angle of the point on the West-East axis, starting from 0° on the GreenWich meridian and ranging from -180° west to +180° east.

How does geolocalization work?

The geocoding process is based on a massive database of addresses data. The working geolocation is only partially automated. An expert called geocoder must complete software tools.

Initially, some addresses are geolocalized manually and the new addresses are encoded on the fly if possible (same street name, same town, same zip-code, infer close location).

Countries have generally an open address database that is used by OpenStreetMap: (link)

Source code

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Questions / Comments

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